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Frequently Asked Questions

About our fees:

  • There are NO CONTRACTS or CANCELLATION FEES on any of our services.
  • An email with a CANCELLATION REQUEST will be required.

About our services prices:

  • Each one of our services has different prices (most of them are one-time fee).
  • For details and prices visit our services page by clicking here or by using our top menu.

About the automated payments:

  • We do not charge any credit/debit card without authorization. We'll request an email with your consent before your first charge (this will apply for regular, weekly or monthly recurrent payments).

About the domain name:

  • For many of our services we'll recommend to use your own domain to get better results.
  • We can help you with the domain purchase and registration without any additional fee.
  • As a customer you will choose the domain name.
  • This domain name will be registered under our customers name and the cost will be charged separately (normally $12/year). We work directly with GoDaddy to guarantee the best service and price.

About the replicate sites:

  • Our Capture & Landing page designs are One-Time Fee.
  • All replicate sites are FREE.
  • Our customers can request a FREE replicate site for any person who may join your program.
  • Each site must be registered as an individual customer (a monthly fee will apply).
  • Please contact us for more details

About the text and graphic ads:

  • We are not Ad-Writers and we do not write any messages or subject lines to be used on our Email Advertising or Craigslist services. All text based and graphic ads or any kind of messages for these services are 100% responsibility of our customers.
  • The Social Media Ads (Text and Graphics) will be designed using your website, event or program content.

About the online advertising results:

  • Online Advertising Results depend on many factors such as:
  • The email message, text based or graphic ad that you'll be using for the advertisment.
  • The quality of the subject line and message.
  • The information available on your website and how attractive it looks.
  • The sign-up cost.
  • The benefits of your program.
  • The recruiting team.
  • The link for your site (own domain 100% recommendable).
  • The website, capture or landing page that you're using for the advertisment.
  • The number of people using the same page as you (replicate sites).
  • and many more...
FYI: We do not promise income or sign-ups.

About the analytics reports:

  • We'll provide a FREE analytics report for any Email Campaign over 2,000 messages (coupons are not allowed).

About our referral program:

  • Please visit our Referral Program page for full details or contact us by email or by phone (980-333-4546) for more details

About the daily posting:

  • This is a data entry service (available Monday to Friday).
  • Categories and demographic areas are available (we will follow the customer's instructions).

About your privacy:

  • We respect your privacy and we never sell lists or email addresses.

About our refund policy:

  • Please contact us by email, using our contact form or by phone (980-333-4546) for more details.

More Questions?

  • If you are ready to sign-up, if you may have more questions or if you just need more details about our services, please contact us by phone (980-333-4546) or send us an email using our contact form.