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Frequently Asked Questions

About the monthly fees and cancelations:

  • There are NO CONTRACTS or CANCELLATION FEES on any of our services.
  • An email with a CANCELLATION REQUEST will be required.

About our services prices:

  • Each one of our services has different prices (most of them are one-time fee).
  • For details and prices visit our services page by clicking here or by using our top menu.

About the automated payments:

  • We do not charge any credit/debit card without authorization. We'll request an email with your consent before your first charge (this will apply for regular, weekly or monthly recurrent payments).

About the domain name:

  • For many of our services we'll recommend to use your own domain to get better results.
  • We can help you with the domain purchase and registration without any additional fee.
  • As a customer you will choose the domain name.
  • This domain name will be registered under our customers name and the cost will be charged separately (normally $12/year). We work directly with GoDaddy to guarantee the best service and price.

About the text and graphic ads:

  • The Social Media Daily Postings Ads (Text and Graphics) will be designed using your website content.

About the daily postings:

  • This is a data entry service (available Monday to Friday).

About your privacy:

  • We respect your privacy and we never sell lists, phone numbers, or email addresses.

About our refund policy:

  • Please contact us by email, using our contact form or by phone (980-333-4546) for more details.

More Questions?

  • If you are ready to sign-up, if you may have more questions or if you just need more details about our services, please contact us by phone (980-333-4546) or send us an email using our contact form.