Talk to Your Family, Friends or Clients 

Determine who could use our help (ie. old websites, online business, home workers). Find out if your prospect needs a new website or any of our services, and tell them you have an excellent company that can help them business.

Send Us Your Referrals

Ask them if you can have a YesWeDoIt4U team member contact them and explain what we can do for them and their business. Send us their contact details (Name, Phone, Email) and your name or referral code.

We Follow Up

We will contact them and explain with details how our services work and how we can help.

  • How often are Commissions Paid and what methods we use? 

    • If you referred purchase any of our services and make a full payment, we will pay your commission (10% of the entire order) in the next five to seven business days.

    • You will be paid by Business Check or PayPal (you will be able to choose these options when you register for our Referral Program).

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